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Are corn flour mills and wheat flour mills the same machine?

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  Are corn flour mills and wheat flour mills the same machine?

corn flour mills

  Corn flour mills and wheat flour mills are both machines used to process flour, but their names are different. In terms of processing capacity, there are large and medium-sized flour processing machinery with a daily processing capacity of several tons to dozens of tons, and there are also small flour processing machinery with a daily processing capacity of several hundred to several thousand kilograms.

corn flour and grits

wheat flour

  Peel off the wheat or corn, scrape the endosperm on the cortex one by one on the premise of ensuring that the cortex is not excessively broken, and extract the endosperm grains of high quality and a certain quality and quantity of flour.

  Refined white flour lacks nutrients such as dietary fiber, and long-term consumption will affect the human body's gastrointestinal function and cause malnutrition.

whole wheat flour mill plant

  Whole wheat flour is made by milling the whole grain of wheat without sieving the bran. Rich in vitamins B1. B2. B6 and niacin, it has high nutritional value. Because of the high content of bran, the wheat flour mills can be cleaned at any time without stopping, and the anti-clogging function can ensure the normal operation of the equipment and can automatically clean and pulverize a variety of different materials without stopping. Evenly mixed, one-time powder without residual residue, no cycle pulverization, can ensure the uniformity of the content of various components. The feeding size is not limited, it can be directly fed into the machine without coarse crushing, and can adapt to various materials with different moisture content, without the need for drying equipment.

wheat bran

whole wheat flour

  The small wheat flour mills can be used alone or in combination with other equipment. It does not need to build a workshop, build a foundation, or fix it. It is easy to install and use and runs smoothly.

  Looking at today, the advancement of science and technology and the advancement of mechanization have brought earth-shaking changes to people. Not only the improvement of people's economic level, but also the beauty of this era.

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