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WIN TONE GROUPSolutions for your industries

Win Tone has a modern manufacturing base, a precision casting factory, a research and development center for grain, oil and starch syrup processing lines and an international trade center, guaranteeing efficient technology as well as high quality and precision equipments.

  • 1 Research Center
  • 60000 Manufacturing Base
  • 32 National Patent
  • 40Export Countries
  • 300 Sales Network

SOLUTIONSWe can design right solutions according to your requirements!

  • Corn/Maize Processing Solutions

    Maize Processing

    Corn is one of our most important food crops. But the way we eat it differs very much from different region. We have developed a range of processes to produce corn flour to cater to to meet different tastes and consumer trends....


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SERVICE DETAILSControl every element to provide you with the best service

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Product CenterSafe design, stable operation,environmental protection


OVERSEAS CASESFocus on details, efficiency and quality.

ENTERPRISE STRENGTHStartup collaborations comes from strength

ONE-STOP SERVICEStandardize services, worry-free and enjoy cooperation

Free Consultation

Free Consultation

Our technical team will intervene with the project manager to provide customers with valuable analysis and consultation, including engineering documents.

Field Control

Field Control

Experienced on-site management, supervision and engineers will control the installation and construction process, and control the quality and progress according to the construction plan.

Technical Training

Technical Training

Assist the factory start-up and operation, including engineering operation, operator training and factory operation commissioning, and establish standardized operation specifications.

Tracking Services

Tracking Services

Continuously provide customers with support and improvement, and be responsible for them during the entire cycle of the installed factory to ensure the profitability of the development of the customer's enterprise.


WIN TONE GROUPFounded in1995

about Win Ton

Lushan Win Tone Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995, which is an integration of high-tech machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprise. The company mainly produces the original, refined and deep processed food engineering equipment for corn, grains, food, health care, biological fermentation food.


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Win Tone Machinery

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