Beans Processing Plants
Dry Pea Processing Plant

Dry Pea Processing Plant

Finished product:Peeled peas

Production capacity:5-40T/H

Core equipment:Destoner, magnetic separator, peeling machine, brushing machine, polishing machine, grader and color sorter.

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  We are your partner in pea processing. Starting with intake, dehulling, splitting and grinding, we cover the primary steps necessary for the further fractionation of peas into their protein and starch components. Whether you chose a single machine or let us help ou plang and install your complete solutions, we can advise you on the machinery and processes to suit your application and further valorization.

  Peas cleaning and peeling plant adopts excellent automatic solutions and can reduce labor cost and production cost. Meanwhile, it can reduce the influence from impurities, dust and bran. This complete plant can process soybean, broad bean. The core of the production line is divided into: flow monitoring, cleaning, destoner, aspiration, peeling, cleaning, ,brushing,color color , bagging,and  automatic control system and other sections.

Sorter and grader
Processed beans
Processed Pea
Intake and pre-cleaning:
Pre-cleaning is key for a productive milling process. Pulses contain impurities and foreign materials. Remove them before storage to increase the service life of your machinery and to create hygienic storage conditions.
Use the cleaning section to remove contaminants and impurities from the beans.
—Low power consumption;
—Good cleaning effect;
—Easy operation, low maintenance.
High capacity hulling
We have developed hullers especially for pulses. These are high-capacity and energy-efficient machines, designed to keep brokens to a minimum.
Complete separation of paddy and husks;
Low broken rate.
Optical sorter and grader
Remove even subtle impurities
Our optical sorters remove even subtle light and dark color defects, spots, damaged grains and foreign materials. You can even sort based on shape.
We have designed special grading machines for beans and pulses to provide an even distribution of product and an even result.


  • Process technology

    Our company's complete set of pea peeling equipment, according to the characteristics of pea, adopts the independent research and development of pea peeling machine.

  • Multiple Pretreatment

    According to the characteristics of different peas, the raw peas are pretreated separately, Treat each type of peas differently.

  • Emery roller pea peeling machine

    The application of peeling machine in pea processing technology not only improves the yield of finished products, but also improves the quality of pea kernel.

  • Automatic control system

    In combination with corn, millet, rice processing technology, the introduction of efficient dust removal and automatic control system, accurate quality control.


  • Dry Pea Processing Plant
  • Dry Pea Processing Plant
  • Dry Pea Processing Plant


Dry Pea Processing Plant FINISHED PRODUCTS


Project Type Power (kw) Power Consumption (kw/h) Capacity (t/24h) Workshop Dimension (l×w×h/m)
10t 24 38-40 10 10×4×4 (steel structure)
20t 56 38-40 20 16×5×5 (steel structure)
30t 72 38-40 30 20×5×5 (steel structure)
50t 119 38-40 50 20×5×7 (steel structure)
100t 238 38-40 100 30×5×7 (steel structure)

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