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Corn/Maize Processing Plants
50TPD Medium Complete Maize Flour Milling Plant

50TPD Medium Complete Maize Flour Milling Plant

Finished product:Graded Corn Flour and Bran

Production capacity:50ton/day

Core equipment:Vibrating Sifter, Gravity Destoner, Peeling Machine, Polishing Machine, Degerminator, Plansifter, Packing Machine

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complete maize flour milling plant

  We can provide complete solution for all maize products processing from cleaning, degerminting, crushing milling, packing, controlling system to producing super white maize meal. Our production processes make corn flour for tortillas, nachos, arepas, corn flour, instant maize meal and other corn based products.

  We have built different capacity maize milling plants in Africa. These medium scale maize milling plants are aim to produce super white maize flour ,fufu flour, grade 1 maize flour in Dar Es salaam, Nairobi, Lagos, Kampala and Lusaka. The full plant covers pre-cleaning--fine-cleaning-degerminating--milling--packaging-controlling system


  • Automatic one-stop production

    Our whole processing plant includes design, manufacturing, installation, debudgging, training and best after-sales service.

  • Adaptable process technologies

    In corn processing, the interaction of each step is crucial to ensure ideal results.Technology design of cleaning,degermination,milling section can be adjustable to meet high customer expectations.

  • Innovative technology for traditional taste

    Win Tone has developed pioneering technologies in corn processing, which reduce waste of maize meals and no waste water production. Appearance, taste and texture of the products are absolutely welcomed.

  • Technology and automation

    Automation contributes significantly to the efficiency of corn mills. Our plant control systems, coupled with online sensors, provide you with process data in real time and optimizes quality and increases


  • 50TPD Medium Complete Maize Flour Milling Plant
  • 50TPD Medium Complete Maize Flour Milling Plant
  • 50TPD Medium Complete Maize Flour Milling Plant


50TPD Medium Complete Maize Flour Milling Plant FINISHED PRODUCTS


Capacity Total Power Finished products structure Water Project size (L×W×H)m
50Ton/24hour 159.9kw

Corn flour:75-80%;Bran:  20-25%;

Public tap water,
ground water;

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