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Sorghum Processing Plants
Sorghum Processing Plants

Sorghum Processing Plants

Finished product:Sorghum rice

Production capacity:10-1000Ton/Day

Core equipment:Cleaning Equipment, Destoner, Dehuller, Grinder and Polisher, Grader and Automatic Packing Scale


  Sorghum processing technology realizes automatic and continuous operation from raw grain cleaning, stone removal, multi-stage shelling, multi-stage grinding and polishing, to sorghum grading and bagging, featured with smooth process and convenient operation and maintenance.

  Our processes include cleaning and hydrothermal treatment to inactivate enzymes, pearling to take away the fatty coat and extend shelf life, grinding into flour and semolina and then finally sifting and grading.


sorghum rice
Pre-cleaning is key for an efficient and safe milling process.
Sorghum contains impurities and foreign materials. If you remove these before storage, you can extend the service life of your machinery and provide hygienic storage conditions for your Sorghum.
—Low power consumption;
—Good cleaning effect;
—Easy operation, low maintenance.
Because the uneven quality of raw sorghum, the purpose of cleaning is to remove all kinds of impurities in the sorghum through various cleaning equipment, making it meet the quality requirement of further processing.
Removing large, small and light impurities in sorghum according to their different size and shape from the Sorghum.
Gravity grading:
Separating impurities base on their differences in density, friction coefficient, suspended speed and other physical characteristics with the sorghum through the gravity grading equipment.
Magnetic separation:
By putting the sorghum through the magnetic field, the ferromagnetic impurities are separated hence avoid damaging to the processing facilities.
To ensure the quality of sorghum and protecting the processing equipment, before entering into the milling process from temporary storage, the pre-cleaned sorghum needs further cleaning. This process utilizes a variety of means, such as screening, aspiration separation, magnetic separation, stone removal, wheat scouring, optical sorting and so on.
—Low power consumption;
—Good cleaning effect;
—Easy operation, low maintenance.
Hulling & Milling
MTPT Sorghum emery roll peeler adopts rubbing and polishing methods to peel and polish sorghum. The dehulled Sorghum is sent to the peeling chamber for peeling. And the bran is discharged by the pneumatic system. MTPT sorghum iron roll polisher can polish the peeled sorghum and make its color more bright.
Wer offers two systems for industrial sorghum processing: Hydrothermal treatment followed by roller-milling, or removal of the outer layers in a vertical whitener followed by hammer-milling. In each case, the process guarantees immaculate hygiene and optimum production and labour costs. 
Easy operation and maintenance;
Strong air draft system, low temperature and good bran discharging effect.


  • Process technology

    According to the characteristics of sorghum rice, the sorghum peeling machine independently developed and produced is adopted in the sorghum processing line.

  • Multiple screening

    Multiple composite cleaning and screening equipment comes from the data accumulation of continuous exploration. According to different sorghum characteristics.

  • Professional peeling machine

    Our research and development for sorghum peeling machine in the application of sorghum processing technology, improve the yield of finished products and improve the quality of finished rice kernel.

  • Automatic control system

    Introduction of efficient dust removal and automatic control system, and accurate quality control technology makes the processing workshop clean and dry.


  • Sorghum Processing Plants
  • Sorghum Processing Plants
  • Sorghum Processing Plants


Sorghum Processing Plants FINISHED PRODUCTS

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