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Iron Roller Millet/Sorghum Peeling,Polishing Machine

Iron Roller Millet/Sorghum Peeling,Polishing Machine

Application:Millet Peeling Machine,Millet Polishing Machine

Capacity:1000-1500 kg/h,3000-3500 kg/h


Millet emery roll peeling machine adopts rubbing and polishing methods to peel and polish millet. The dehulled millet is sent to the peeling chamber for peeling. And the bran is discharged by the pneumatic system.

MTPT series millet iron roll polishing machine can polish the peeled millet and make its color more bright.

This millet emery roll peeling machine is mainly composed of fittings of base frame, main shaft, charging regulation device, charging hopper, channel, air blower parts, cyclone parts, protective cover, propelling chamber, instrument, pressure door, guide cylinder, upper and lower beams, motor base, sieve plate, bearing base, motor, belt.

Working principle

The material is conveyed by the screw propeller to the peeling chamber which is at the machine’s core part. It utilizes the emery with high speed rotation and cuts and rubs the millet skin continuously, which destroys the bonding strength among millet skin, material skin and endosperm, and makes corn skin separated gradually. Then the material is conveyed to the outlet of the equipment and the peeling process is finished.


  • High yield

    High yield, low broken rate

  • Easy operation

    Easy operation and maintenance

  • Low noise

    Low noise, Axial direction double inlet air design

  • Good bran discharging effect

    Strong air draft system, low millet temperature and good bran discharging effect.


  • Iron Roller Millet/Sorghum Peeling,Polishing Machine
  • Iron Roller Millet/Sorghum Peeling,Polishing Machine


Iron Roller Millet/Sorghum Peeling,Polishing Machine FINISHED PRODUCTS


Peeling Machine
Model Yield(T/H) Power (KW) Rated Voltage (V) Weight(KG) Size (MM)
HTG-18 1-1.5 22 380 800 1370×700×1900
HTG-25 1.5-2.5 30 380 1050 1475×660×2000

Polishing Machine
Model Yield(KG/H) Power Rated Voltage Weight Size
(KW) (V) (KG) (MM)
MTPT-18 1000-1500 18.5/22 380 1000 1400x700x1892
MTPT-25 3000-3500 30 380 1200 1480x681x2000

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