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Engineering Service Details

The process of the initial stage of the project includes::

  • 01- Technology research -
  • 02- conceptual design -
  • 03- Process flow chart -
  • 04- Process calculation -
  • 05- Equilibrium calculation -
  • 06- Dynamic balance calculation -
  • 07- Process description -

The project implementation stage mainly includes basic and detailed engineering design, as follows:

  • 01- P & ID -
  • 02- Instrument data -
  • 03- Project specification -
  • 04- Layout -
  • 05- Equipment layout -
  • 06- Equipment specification -
  • 07- Equipment calculation -
  • 08- Piping installation drawing -
  • 09- Pipe stress analysis -
  • 10- Bill of materials -
  • 11- Civil Engineering -
  • 12- Building specifications -
  • 13- structural engineering -
  • 14- Architectural Engineering -
  • 15- Air conditioning -
  • 16- Insulation specification -
  • 17- Electrical installation -
  • 18- Instruments and Apparatuses -
  • 19- DCS control system -

Engineering Production Construction

Production plant construction

Win Tone's engineering services are not limited to common documents. From the beginning of the project, our experienced specialists will step in to provide customers with valuable analysis and consultation.

Customers appreciate WinTone's clear and easy-to-understand engineering documents and their unique detailed content. This is also the difference between Win Tone and other engineering companies.

Production Service

The services applicable to the polymer processing system include Win Tone's own European and Asian factory production, global procurement, automation and electronic equipment, final assembly and complete logistics. The use of Win Tone's technology, production facilities, specifications, and optimized logistics contributes to maintain Win Tone's consistent quality standards.

Turnkey Project Service

Win Tone provides experienced field managers, supervisors and engineers and a complete and detailed construction plan, including third-party and local operations to control the construction process. The scope of construction services includes but is not limited to field management, construction manuals, construction supervision and inspection.

After installation and inspection and acceptance, Win Tone will also provide assistance in plant startup and trial operation. which also includes poject operations, operator training and operational optimization and also responsible for them throughout the cycle of the installed plant.

Production service


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