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China-aided 5 sets of 120-ton corn milling equipment projects in Uganda were successfully shipped

Back to list Source:/ Release date: 2023-05-26
On May 13, 2023, the equipment for 5 sets of 120-ton maize flour processing production lines, constructed by WINTONE and funded by Chinese aid, was successfully loaded and shipped to Shanghai Port to be delivered to Uganda. 

This project is a national aid project, consisting of 5 sets of 120-ton maize flour processing production lines. From the signing of the contract in September of last year to the delivery in April of this year, the project took a total of 8 months. WINTONE's technical team provided support throughout the whole process, from site survey to design and manufacture, achieving friendly cooperation with the customer.

Since the first 300-ton maize processing project in Yongcheng, Henan in 2003, WINTONE has successfully completed several maize processing projects, including the 300-ton maize union project in Haojia Grain & Oil, Xuchang, Henan, the 300-ton maize union project in Yiquan Ecological Co., Ltd, Liaoyuan, Jilin, the 250-ton maize union project in Hulan, Heilongjiang, the 500-ton maize union project in Jinjiang Liquor Industry, Wanzai, Jiangxi (husking, crushing, and oil pressing), and the three 1800-ton maize union projects in Borun, Daqing, and Yangkou, Shandong (husking and crushing), as well as the 2000-ton maize union project in Jufeng Biochemical, Liaoyuan, Jilin (husking and crushing). Furthermore, the 500-ton maize union project from Puanxianglong Grain & Oil Co., Ltd., Anyang, Henan, will be completed in 2023. The hard work and dedication of WINTONE's staff over the past 20 years has resulted in the best performance indicators in maize processing.

WINTONE attaches great importance to this national aid project. Following the signing of the contract, the production center's leadership organized and arranged production carefully. The frontline technical staff immediately took action, overcame difficulties such as multiple orders and tight deadlines while ensuring quality and safety. They completed the production tasks with high efficiency and speed, and guaranteed the quality of the products.

During the shipment, the production center, warehouse, QC department, and other departments worked together, divided their tasks, and rushed against time to overcome difficulties and ensure that all equipment was sent to the port on time. The employees obeyed orders, followed arrangements, and made many touching scenes during the loading process, demonstrating the spirit of hard work and fighting ability of WINTONE staff.

The China-aided food processing project in Uganda represents a strong cooperation and mutual support relationship between China and Africa. This aid project will help strengthen the cooperation between China and Uganda and help Uganda improve its food processing efficiency. Against the background of globalization and cross-border cooperation, this project demonstrates China's sincerity and open-mindedness in working with other countries.

WINTONE not only has advanced intelligent grain machine technology research and manufacturing capabilities but also is an expert in maize and coarse grain complete engineering technology. It is designated as the "Henan Maize and Coarse Grain Complete Engineering Technology Research Center" by the Science and Technology Department. Over the years, it has insisted on technology research and development, and has a professional technical service team and a complete after-sales service network, able to provide customers with one-stop solutions. It will also continue to make its due contributions in corporate social responsibility and international aid.

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