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Grain, oil and food experts come to our company to inspect new intelligent rice processing machines

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  Welcome two experts to visit our company!

  Recently, experts from the grain, oil and food industry, Mr. Xie Jian and Mr. Hua Xia, visited the company to inspect the intelligent new products developed by our company. Chairman Shen Yuxian received a warm reception, accompanied the experts to visit the company's final assembly workshop and pilot plant, and introduced the company's newly developed and finalized intelligent products to the two experts: intelligent flexible rice rubbing machine (HRP40X1/2), intelligent Flexible Rice Bran Separator (HRF40X1/2), Duplex Intelligent Germ Retaining Rice Machine (PLP18X2), etc., explained in detail the technical advantages of these products, the difficulties and pain points solved for customers, and the current and future market prospects.

China Win Tone Machinery

China Win Tone Machinery

China Win Tone Machinery

  Smart Flexible Rice Polishing Machine

  Our company's intelligent flexible rice polishing machine series products have obtained 2 invention patents and 6 utility model patents. A new type of high-wear-resistant food-grade flexible wire rolling material is used instead of the traditional iron roll polishing machine, which has the advantages of reduced product breakage rate, high finished product yield, low dynamic consumption per ton of material, and fast cooling rice. Over-processing of grain can be controlled, the effect of grain saving and loss reduction is obvious, the yield of finished products of rice processing enterprises can be improved, economic benefits can be improved, and it can also contribute to ensuring national food security.

  The intelligent and flexible rice polishing machine can solve the market pain points caused by rice processing enterprises in the rice polishing process, such as high crushing rate, serious food waste, damage to the nutritional content of rice, high dynamic consumption per ton of material, and low yield of finished products. The effect of grain saving and loss reduction is obvious, which can improve the yield of finished products of rice processing enterprises and improve economic benefits.

Rice Polishing Machine

  Intelligent flexible rice bran separator

  Intelligent and flexible rice bran separator series products are mainly used in rice processing and oil process. The intelligent and flexible rice bran separator is a kind of function of flexible rubbing and forced centrifugal force, which can efficiently separate the rice bran, broken rice and bran powder in the mixture, so that the by-products of rice processing can be effectively used and increase the number of enterprises. economic benefits. The traditional rice bran separator is easy to cause rice bran and oil bran to stick and block materials. It needs to be shut down once a week for cleaning, which seriously affects the production efficiency.

  The intelligent and flexible rice bran separator solves this problem very well. One set is equivalent to the output of 5 traditional rice bran separators, which saves a lot of site area and equipment investment. It can solve the market pain points such as low separation rate of sugar and rice, serious food waste, easy adhesion of rice bran and oil bran, large power consumption, and large economic loss.

rice bran separator

  Smart Duplex Germ-remained Rice Milling Machine

  The double-type intelligent germ-retaining rice machine (PLP18X2) has a high technological content and a high degree of intelligence. It can retain the germ of the rice to the greatest extent during the rice processing, maintain the business value of the rice, and solve the problem of over-processing of the rice.

Germ-remained Rice Milling Machine

  Expert Profile

  Mr. Xie Jian is a professor-level senior engineer, the chief engineer of the National Grain Wuhan Research and Design Institute, and the executive deputy director of the Expert Committee of the Rice Branch of the China Grain Industry Association; Mr. Huaxia is a well-known expert in the national grain, oil and food industry. The company's series of intelligent new products have been highly praised by two experts. They have expressed that they should strengthen cooperation with the company and strive to make our intelligent new products quickly spread to domestic and foreign markets.

China Win Tone Machinery

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