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How to choose a corn grits making machine and what are the precautions for choosing a corn peeling g

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  Because corn grits are rich in vitamin E, lecithin, linoleic acid and other nutrients, coupled with the traditional eating habits of our country, people in many areas like to use it to cook porridge or other foods, so the corn grits industry is in the industry. my country has a broad market, and it also drives the development of the corn grits processing industry.

how to choose corn grits making machine

  So what problems do you need to know in advance if you want to engage in this industry? I have summarized the following points based on my experience in the sales of grain processing machinery for your reference!

maize grits machine price

  1. First of all, you must figure out how you want to operate. The common business methods are:

  (1) In the form of a rural or urban-rural fringe mill, processing with supplied materials and earning processing fees.

  (2) Mass production, and the finished corn grits are directly sold to supermarkets, grain and oil markets, wholesale markets, etc.

  (3) Online sales, online stores, self-media, etc.

  (4) Combination of various methods, it is common in urban grain and oil stores or large-scale oil mills with a certain source of customers and traffic. It not only processes supplied materials, but also sells finished products in bulk, and also wholesales and delivers goods to the Internet. Familiar can also add online sales.

  2. Profit margin, comprehensively consider raw material cost, labor cost, electricity cost, finished product price, out-sale price of scraps and so on.

  3. Source of customers or sales.

  4. Output demand. Generally, the production capacity of grain processing machinery is calculated according to the amount of raw grain processed per hour, such as 200 kilograms, 300 kilograms, 500 kilograms per hour, etc. Or know how much grain you need to process every day, and then plan how many hours to complete these output, convert it into hourly output, so that you can choose equipment more accurately.

corn milling machine price

maize grits and milling machine

diesel corn grinding machine


  4. What factors should be paid attention to when choosing a corn grits making machine?

  (1) Processing effect, mainly the removal rate, loss, and finished product effect. Peeling, degerming and removing black spots should be clean and at the same time ensure that the loss is not too high; whether the finished corn grits grains are uniform and round; and whether the grain size can be flexibly adjusted, and how many specifications can be processed at most.

  (2) The quality of the corn grits making machine mainly depends on the material selection and production process of the equipment. In terms of material selection, whether it is the national standard material, the price cost and quality of the national standard and non-national standard materials (round steel, angle iron, square steel, spindle) are different, which is reflected in the equipment, such as the service life of the machine, noise level, stability, etc.; whether the production process is Automated production and standardized operations also directly affect the quality of the equipment itself and the availability of subsequent accessories.

  (3) Professionalism and after-sales service, whether it is a manufacturer specializing in grain processing machinery, or a distributor or agent. Professional manufacturers can provide comprehensive and professional guidance and advice during your subsequent installation, commissioning, and use. Other non-manufacturers may be subject to discussion.

corn grits and flour production plant

  (4) Price, when the above three points are almost the same, it is a model with the same output and style, and compare the price. However, in the daily sales work, we often encounter consultants who only pay attention to the price, and do not consider the style, quality, processing effect of the equipment, and the after-sales service of the manufacturer at all. Be sure to locate clearly, whether you plan to buy cheap equipment, or buy a device with good quality, effect, and after-sales service.

  When conditions permit, it is best to conduct on-the-spot inspections.

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