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Delivery of complete sets of highland barley processing project

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  On December 16. 2021. Three complete highland barley processing projects designed and manufactured by Win Tone Company for Qinghai Huzhu Barley Wine Co.,Ltd. were shipped and ready for installation.

highland barley processing projects

  (Delivery of equipment from Qinghai Huzhu Barley Wine Co.,Ltd)

  The comprehensive processing project of highland barley includes a highland barley kernels processing project with an annual output of 15.000 tons, a highland barley flakes production project with an annual output of 8.000 tons, and a highland barley tea production project with an annual output of 1.500 tons. These projects will be  installed and commissioned completely before the Spring Festival in 2021.

highland barley processing project

  (Highland barley planting and harvesting)

  Highland barley, Tibetan barley or Himalayan barley, is the principal cereal cultivated on the Tibetan Plateau, used mainly to make tsampa and alcohol. Today, it is used to make beer (Lhasa Beer), flour, bread, cakes or noodles. Diversifying the processing of highland barley products and increasing the value of products are a major step that accelerate the development of the local highland barley industry.

Qinghai Huzhu Barley Wine Co., Ltd
(Qinghai Huzhu Barley Wine Co., Ltd)

barley peeling machine
(Application of peeling machine in production line)

Application of barley flakes machine in production line

  Win Tone Company has been committed to the research and development of equipment and technology for processing cereals for more than 20 years. In the field of highland barley processing, Win Tone has realized the independence of R&D and innovation in equipment and processing technology, such as "highland barley groats", "highland barley flakes", "barley powder", "highland barley tea".

  Qinghai Huzhu Barley Wine Co., Ltd. formally signed a contract of  highland barley processing project with Win Tone Company in June 2021. The cooperation between the two parties has realized the corporate philosophy of "taking enterprise as the core, customer as the carrier, technology as the support, and win-win as the goal". The two parties will take this opportunity to jointly promote the rise of the western barley industry!

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