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Drying Equipment
Grain Dryer

Grain Dryer

Application:It is an agricultural dryer and suitable for drying all kinds of crops.



      Batch type reirculating grain dryer can choose the suitable rice huskfurnace and cooperate 4-8 drying machine according to the drying quantity.

  We provide industry-leading grain dryers to help store grain and oilseeds safely, maintain their quality and prevent food loss. The design of continuous-flow column dryer prepares for storage or further processing.

  Our grain drying technology is designed for all kinds of grain such as wheat, cereals or rice after harvest and provides a gentle and uniform drying process without damaging the product. Besides,using low temperature intermittent drying, so there is less broken and grain crack.


  • Best drying quality

    Low temperature batch type drying,quality can be assured.Also there is less broken & lower grain crack rate,compared with high temperature continuously drying.

  • Highe durability

    All parts which will work in a high strength circumstance are make by better hardness material.

  • Easy operation and repair

    Automatic control for drying & manual control for testing.touch screen with bottons to confirm your using. All parts can be removed, so that the repair is easy.

  • Lower drying cost

    Fuel consumption is according to temperature control by automatic, more fuel saved.Also the burner takes full advantage of the fuel,resulted in a better fuel saving.


  • Grain Dryer
  • Grain Dryer
  • Grain Dryer


Model 5HPX-15 5HPX-20 5HPX-30 5HPX-35
Loading capacity(kg) Paddy 3,000~15,000 3,000~20,000 4,000~30,000 5,000~35,000
Corn 3,800~18,500 3,800~24,600 5,000~36,400 6,000~42,000
Dimension L*W*H (mm) 4321*2583*10000 4600*3263*10500 4374*3570*12700 5712*5000*12400
Net Weight 3,000 4,200 5,500 8,000
Heat Source Biomass Furnace/Gas Burner/Diesel Burner
Power Consumption (kw) 9.95 10.6 13.5 19.7
Input Voltage 3 Phase 220V/380V,50Hz
Husk Furnace Type Indirect
Ignition Manual
Function Loading 50~60(approx) 50~60(approx) 60~70(approx) 60~70(approx)
Discharge 50~60(approx) 50~60(approx) 60~70(approx) 60~70(approx)
Drying Rate 0.5-1.2 %/h 0.5-1.2 %/h 0.6-1.5 %/h 0.5-1.2 %/h
Standard Devices Online moisture meter, Conveyor ,Discharge system,
Buffer system, Elevator ,Suction fan, Temperature sensor
Safety Devices Overload device, Temperature control device, Control fuse,
Leakage protection device, Air pressure switch

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