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What are the steps in processing rice?

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  The whole process of rice processing from paddy to rice requires many procedures, and each step of the rice processing equipment is divided in detail by the workshop equipment.

  1. Rice cleaning: Use vibration screen, stone remover and other equipment to remove impurities from rice. Then enter the rice husking machine to husk the rice, and then enter the rice-brown separator to separate the brown rice from the grain. When milling rice, each equipment is equipped with a grain storage bin above, which is convenient for the normal operation and maintenance of rice processing equipment.


  2. Rice milling: The rice polishing machine mills the separated brown rice. The intelligent equipment of the rice processing production line of the rice processing equipment adopts a multi-machine light milling method to reduce the rice breakage rate and retain the moisture of the rice.

  3. Color sorting: The whitened rice is selected by multiple color sorters to remove irregular grains, broken rice and impurities in the rice.

  4. Polishing and washing rice: Use a polishing machine to wash the color-selected rice.

  5. Intelligent detection: Perform intelligent detection on the polished rice, and enter the cooling rice warehouse after passing the test.

  6. Cool rice: The temperature of rice grains just after milling is high, and it is easy to mold when directly packaged. It needs to be cooled quickly by cool air in the cooling rice bin.

  7. Quantitative packaging: Electronic measurement is used to make the bags of rice full of pounds and quantity.

  The intelligent equipment of the rice processing production line has the functions of raw grain cleaning, multi-channel rice milling, color selection, polishing and washing rice, intelligent detection, quantitative packaging, etc. The rice milling efficiency is high, and the entire rice processing process can be handled by one machine.

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