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On October 24th Oat and Sorghum Dehulling Processing Line Delivered Successfully

Back to list Source:/ Release date: 2021-10-28

  200-ton oat dehulling production line and the 240-ton sorghum dehulling production line designed and produced by our company for Dongguan Yuanguxiang Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. were successfully loaded on October 24. 2021. A total of 13 vehicles have been loaded for this shipment. So far, all of them have been successfully shipped to the Dongguan construction site in Guangdong.

  After many inspections, Dongguan Yuanguxiang Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. has visited Lushan Win Tone Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. for test machines and technical communication, and finally chose to cooperate with our company.

sorghum processing machine

oat dehulling machine

dehulling machine

  The oats dehulling and sorghum dehulling production line sent to Dongguan this time is a new intelligent production line independently developed, designed and produced by China Win Tone Company. Both the process layout and the processing output of these two production lines are currently second to none at home and abroad. Among them, the oats intelligent dehulling equipment and the sorghum intelligent dehulling equipment independently developed by our company, in terms of the appearance of the equipment and various performance parameters, are comparable and surpassed by the same type of foreign equipment, and better realize the food processing. Energy saving, loss reduction and consumption reduction ensured the economic benefits of grain processing enterprises.

  The cooperation with Dongguan Yuanguxiang Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. is not only an affirmation of Win Tone's grain processing production line, but also a direction for the research and development of Win Tone's intelligent equipment. In the next step, Win Tone will take this as an opportunity to continue to use intelligent equipment and control over processing to achieve grain energy conservation and loss as its development goals. Contribute to the protection of national food security.

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