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Maintenance and repair of millet processing equipment

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  If you want to reduce the maintenance of millet processing equipment, you must do a good job in daily maintenance and maintenance. When millet processing equipment encounters parts cleaning or equipment maintenance, when it involves disassembly problems, you must standardize the operation, otherwise you will not pay attention to millet. The processing equipment has caused some damage. Let's take a look at the specific details.

millet processing unit


1. The millet processing equipment should be cleaned of soil and oil on the surface before disassembly, and should be kept clean during disassembly.

2. Disassemble according to the needs of millet processing equipment, try to disassemble as little as possible, do not disassemble if it is not allowed to be disassembled, use suitable tools, and do not knock hard to avoid damage or deformation of parts.

3. When the millet processing equipment is disassembled, it should be prepared for assembly. In order to improve the assembly efficiency and ensure the correctness of the assembly, attention should be paid to check and mark it when disassembling.


millet processing machine

4. Disassemble in a reasonable order, generally from the accessories to the main parts, from the outside to the inside, first disassemble the whole machine into an assembly, then disassemble the assembly into parts, and disassemble the parts into parts.

5. After the parts are disassembled, they should be classified and stored according to the nature of the material and the degree of the parts.

In summary, we often encounter such and other problems in the process of using millet processing equipment. Learning basic troubleshooting methods can improve the work efficiency of millet processing equipment.

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