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Milling method of the latest small maize milling machine

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  What are the characteristics of the new small maize milling machine milling technology? With the development of agriculture, the functions of maize milling machine are becoming more and more comprehensive. Manufacturers are also constantly improving their manufacturing technology. The milling process of corn equipment is very important in the grain processing process. , The milling process is also developed with the industry, and many milling technologies have gradually emerged to meet market demand. So what are the types of small maize milling machine milling method technologies? Next, follow us to understand.

  1. The new milling technology for processing special materials and grading requires professional processing equipment and technology to produce high-quality flour, and the production of special flour is very effective.

  2. The new milling technology of repeated flour cleaning is to ensure that corn flour is not wasted, and it is very effective to produce flour with ash content ≤ 0.45%.

  3. To strengthen the new milling technology of material grading, the processing of materials only needs to upgrade the price efficiency of the processing equipment to meet or exceed the level of imported technology.

  4. Grinding and impacting balance powder output. The uniformity of grinding depends on the processing technology of mechanical equipment. It can increase the output by more than 10%, increase the output rate of 1# and 2# powder, and significantly reduce the ash content of 2# powder. Reduce power consumption by about 5%.

  5. The milling technology of grain size control, the control of corn grains depends on the control of price technical personnel and equipment.

  Through the understanding of these maize milling machine milling technologies, when processing different corn products, you can choose the appropriate milling process according to your specific needs, so as to produce better products, improve work efficiency, and let manufacturers Get more benefits.

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