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What are the factors that affect the production efficiency of millet processing equipment

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  What are the factors that affect the production efficiency of millet processing equipment? If you want to produce high-quality millet food through millet equipment processing, you must first control the quality of millet equipment and raw grain. Millet food quality. In the process of millet processing, there are certain requirements for rice moisture content, impurity removal, equipment operation, etc., and we must follow the requirements to produce high-quality millet food. So, what factors will affect the production efficiency of millet processing equipment?

  1. The humidity of millet, the moisture content of different millets is different, when operating millet processing equipment, the equipment parameters and friction requirements are also different, which will affect the processing time of the equipment to a certain extent, and it is related to production efficiency.

  2. The height of the grinding teeth, in the grinding process, as the grinding teeth gradually wear, it is not easy for the grinding teeth to grasp the millet, and the sliding on the surface of the grinding roller increases, that is, the moving speed of the millet in the grinding area decreases. And due to the reduction in the height of the grinding teeth, the millet in the gap between the two grinding teeth is reduced, so that the output is gradually reduced.

  3. Impurity removal time. Before using millet equipment to process millet, it is necessary to remove impurities first, which takes up a lot of time. The amount of time for millet processing equipment to remove impurities directly affects the production efficiency of the equipment.

  4. Rice grain uniformity, when the grain size of millet grains entering the same grinding system is very different, some smaller grains will not be subjected to grinding, so that the role of millet processing equipment cannot be exerted, and the processing efficiency of processing machinery is affected.

  After using the millet device, the mechanical device is empty after stable operation, then slowly open the feeding control board to prevent a large amount of rice from entering the rice, the rice treadmill gets stuck and causes boredom, because the rice cannot be filled in the grinding chamber when it is first started, indoors Not enough pressure, not enough grinding, so the rice coming out of the rice is mixed with the rice. Wait until the grains are full of bricks and the rice flowing out can meet the requirements, then start pouring the rice down, pour the rice, mixed rice into the rice funnel and regrind.

  Now there are a lot of millet processing equipment, and the advantages of millet equipment can be reflected in many aspects, so it can bring a lot of advantages to actual use. There are also many models of such devices, and their models are also divided into sizes, which will make them more practical. Millet processing equipment has strong wear resistance in the process of use, whether it is large accessories or small accessories, their wear resistance is the same and very significant, which will reduce the cost of use.

  Nowadays, the diversification of grain processing equipment produced by millet processing manufacturers is conducive to the processing and use of grain. Millet processing equipment manufacturers should attach great importance to the technical update of products, and should make full use of modern means and use a variety of methods to actively provide consumers with comprehensive High-quality services from all directions, improve product quality through technological updates, and increase market share through the development of new products.

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