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The grinding process of corn processing equipment

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  Corn processing equipment has the advantages of simple operation, many varieties, and low investment costs. Corn machinery should actively change the management concept, aims at facilitating people's lives, improves work efficiency, provides social employment opportunities and urban and rural economic needs, and focuses on the development and production of small corn processing machinery that meets social needs.

  The grinding operation of the corn processing equipment is similar to wheat grinding. It is a process of grinding the washed miscellaneous grains into powder with a grinding and screening equipment. According to the type of corn processing equipment and the quality requirements of flour, a crushing or step -by -step grinding is usually used. How to separate embryo and cortex as much as possible is the key to gradual layered grinding.

  The corn grinding process mainly includes cleaning, grinding, sieve and other processes. Corn processing equipment plays an important role in the food machinery industry. With the diverse development of diet, the classification of equipment is becoming more and more fine. Basically, all miscellaneous grains can be processed with corresponding processes and equipment.

  At present, corn is an important economic crop in my country. There are many types of products produced by corn deep -processing equipment and are widely used. They account for a high proportion of exports, which continuously drives the development of my country's corn processing industry. However, in daily production, workers need to pay attention to the health and safety of the equipment, reduce environmental pollution, and do a good job of sewage treatment.

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