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How to improve production efficiency operation of 30TPD rice milling plant

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  One of the necessary tasks in the entire production line of the 30TPD rice milling plant is cleaning, because the raw grain contains impurities such as stones and clods. Before the raw grain is milled, it should be cleaned up to ensure the quality of the processed products and improve the production efficiency, which also plays a role in protecting the rice processing equipment.

  1. Control the feed flow. If the flow is too large for a time, it is easy to cause blockage of the processing equipment, or directly discharged from the outlet, which is not good for the processing effect, so pay more attention in this process and try to prevent the occurrence of large flow .

  2. Timely suction and dust removal. During the preliminary cleaning process of the 30TPD rice milling plant, the impurity content is high, so there will be more dust generated. At this time, it is necessary to timely suction and dust removal to protect equipment, environment and personnel.

  3. The electrical circuits of other equipment should be provided with protection. The processing of 30TPD rice milling plant is inseparable from cleaning. The function of this process is mainly to clean up impurities such as clods and straws, which is convenient for laying a good foundation for later screening, milling and other processes, improving the processing effect, for People provide healthier products. Usually, the complete equipment process needs to include a cleaning process of three sieves, two dozen and two stone removal, which shows the importance of cleaning for processing.

  During the normal operation of the 30TPD rice milling plant, the operator can adjust the product fineness at any time according to the actual needs to ensure uniform fineness. In the case of non-stop, it can still clear the material at any time, which is conducive to preventing clogging, ensuring uniform mixing, one-time powder without residue, and ensuring the uniformity of the content of various components. The feeding size is not limited, and it can be directly fed into the machine without coarse crushing, which can adapt to various materials with different water contents.

  The quality of the 30TPD rice milling plant process is closely related to the quality, output, rice yield and power consumption of the product. Therefore, when the rice is required to be hulled, the rice grains should be kept intact as much as possible, and the bursting of the rice grains should be reduced, so as to improve the rice yield; the smooth surface of the brown rice should be avoided as much as possible to improve the effect of grain separation. Stable shelling rate, in order to facilitate the improvement of the output; it is necessary to save power and reduce the consumption of rubber rollers, in order to reduce the processing cost. The rice hulling machine should be carefully operated according to the technological characteristics of the paddy, so as to ensure a good technological effect and improve the economic benefits of the manufacturer.

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