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What are the commonly maize crushers in the maize milling process?

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  In the production process of coarse grains such as maize, different types of pulverizers are used to crush different raw materials. There are maize slicers, maize filing mills, maize hammer mills, maize overflow panning mills, maize bending mesh extrusion mills that are common on the market now. Their working methods, crushing principles, There is a big gap in use characteristics and processing performance. Let's take a look at the specific details.

  1. Maize slicer

  The slicer is a kind of original pretreatment equipment, which can simply slice sweet potatoes, maize and other crops, reduce the bulk and reduce the difficulty of subsequent grinding. It is mainly used by farmers in simple or flow processing.

  2. Maize Rasp Mill

  In practical application, the maize rasp mill can be used as a separate powder grinder for raw material crushing, or it can be used in combination with a slicer, and the crushing and grinding effect is better. The sliced ​​raw materials enter the filing machine, which has hundreds of built-in two-way combined files. The motor drives at a high speed, which can easily break the materials and grind them into a fine paste, which is convenient for starch extraction and filtration.

  3. Maize Hammer Mill

  This type of powder mixer is more used for crushing maize. The structure of the whole machine is similar to that of the file mill. It is crushed by the high-speed rotating hammer driven by the motor, so that the starch particles leak from the sieve. The advantages are reflected in strong versatility, convenient use and maintenance, good resistance to hard debris, uniform crushing, low energy consumption and high output.

  4. Maize overflow panning mill

  The overflow type flouring machine is suitable for the crushing of sweet potatoes, kudzu roots, plantains and other potatoes. Compared with simple pulverization, it can independently complete the three processes of coarse pulverization, fine refining and primary filtration. The separation effect is good, the starch extraction rate is higher, and the powder is more delicate and white. And the structure is compact, the floor area is small, it is easy to operate, and the maintenance is convenient.

  5. Maize Mesh Extrusion Milling Machine

  After two-stage crushing, three-stage extrusion, four-stage elutriation and five-stage filtration, the free rate of starch slurry reaches 98%, and the starch filtration rate is greatly improved. Water saving and energy saving, high starch extraction rate, good starch quality and large equipment output. It can adapt to various raw materials such as sweet potato and potato, especially suitable for large starch factories or enterprises with high requirements on starch quality.

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