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30 tons of rice processing equipment recommendation

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  30 tons of Rice milling plant brand recommended China Win Tone Machinery? At present, there are many manufacturers of rice processing equipment in the market. Each manufacturer has its own independent brand, producing rice equipment of different tonnages. At present, the rice processing equipment ranges from 10 tons to 300 tons. The processing factory chooses the appropriate processing equipment according to their own processing needs. Generally, the processing factory chooses a lot of 30-ton rice processing equipment. So what are the advantages and characteristics of the 30-ton rice milling equipment? Which brand of 30-ton rice processing equipment is better? We recommend China Win Tone Machinery. Follow along with us to find out.

  1. The 30-ton Rice milling plant of Lushan Grain Machinery is the adopted process. The processing equipment adopts a new process of first shelling and then light milling, which completely solves the traditional process of hard milling with shells, which is easy to be crushed and unevenly milled. The problem.

  2. Processing equipment, rice equipment is equipped with our factory's high-efficiency cleaning equipment, high-efficiency shelling equipment, new milling equipment and high-efficiency rice grading equipment independently developed by Lushan Grain Machinery. The application of these new technologies and equipment enables the equipment to have a high rice yield, a low broken rice rate and a bright golden finish.

  3. The technological process of the rice equipment is perfect, and the cost-effective equipment has all realized automatic continuous operation from raw grain cleaning, stone removal, multi-stage shelling, multi-stage grinding and polishing, millet grading and bagging, and power distribution, with smooth process and operation and maintenance. convenient.

  4. The energy consumption of rice processing equipment is low, avoiding the traditional high energy consumption equipment, all adopting new energy-saving equipment, and the unit energy consumption of the whole machine is small.

  30 tons of Rice milling plant can realize automatic separation of rice bran and rice husk. Rice bran can be supplied to feed factories for processing various feeds, and can also be supplied to feed farms as livestock feed. Rice husks can be processed into biomass pellets. The utilization rate of processing equipment has also become more and more, which has brought us a lot of changes. Many people ask how much rice processing equipment costs. It is recommended that you go to the factory to conduct on-the-spot inspections, because there are many types of processing equipment, and each The price of each model is also different.

  The rice produced by the 30-ton Rice milling plant has good taste and variety, which makes people more and more like to eat rice, which meets people's daily needs and is welcomed by people. At the same time, the further improvement of grain processing makes rice not only used in the food and feed industry, but also has stricter market requirements for complete sets of equipment. It is also urgent for the manufacturers of rice processing equipment to upgrade the equipment. We will continue to improve our research and development capabilities, production and inspection levels, intensify management and development, strive to achieve large-scale production, improve the technological content of our products, create our own brands, and win the decision-making power for the development of the industry.

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