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Malaysia 1Ton/Hour Lentil Peeling Line Installation

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1 Ton/Hour Lentil Peeling Line was installed successfully in Malaysia

Lentil Peeling Machine

Lentil Peeling Machine

Lentil Peeling Machine

Lentil Peeling Machine


Lentil Peeling Line End Products:

1. Range of application:soybean, broad bean, lentil, cowpea, mung bean, black soya bean, kidney and other beans peeling.
2. Structure of the end products: peeled lentil.
3. Yield rate: it can be adjustable according to your requirement.
4. Technical index of the end products:
  A. Sand content:<0.02%
  B. Magnetic metal content: <0.003/kg
  C. Moisture:storage type <16%
  D. Appearance and taste: good color, high peeling efficiency, bright and smooth bean kernels, pure bean taste. 

Lentil Peeling  Line Technical Parameter:

Type Power (kw) Power Consumption(kw/h) Capacity(t/24h) Workshop Dimension(l*w*h/m)
10t 24 38-40 10 10*4*4 (steel structure)
20t 56 38-40 20 16*5*5 (steel structure)
30t 72 38-40 30 20*5*5 (steel structure)
50t 119 38-40 50 20*5*7 (steel structure)
100t 238 38-40 100 30*5*7 (steel structure)  

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