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China aids Zambia corn flour processing plant project to start construction

Back to list Source:/ Release date: 2024-01-11
Xinhua News Agency, Lusaka, April 18 (Reporter Peng Lijun) The groundbreaking ceremony for the China-assisted Zambian corn flour processing plant project was held on the 17th in Chongwe, Lusaka Province, Zambia. Zambian President Lungu inaugurated the project.

Lungu said that the construction of corn flour processing plants will help stabilize food prices and create more job opportunities. China is Zambia's all-weather friend and hopes that the two countries will continue to deepen their friendship.

Li Jie, Chinese Ambassador to Zambia, said that China and Zambia have a long-standing friendship. The two sides have made new progress in jointly building the "Belt and Road" and implementing the outcomes of the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation. They have also achieved great results in exchanges and cooperation in various fields such as politics, economy, and cultural exchanges. Fruitful results. He said that the construction of the corn flour processing plant will help Zambia effectively ensure food supply, increase people's income, and promote coordinated economic and social development.
China-aided Project of Maize Milling Plants in Zambia
In the future, Zambia will establish factories in Chongwe District of Lusaka Province, Monze District of Southern Province and Mpika District of Muchinga Province. Qionggui Factory is both a corn flour processing plant and a corn flour processing and production training base. After completion, it can process 40 tons of corn per day and train 200 students per year. After completion, the Mengze and Mpika factories can process 240 tons of corn each day.

In the face of the imminent food security crisis, the completion of the corn flour mill is of great significance.
First, the Chinese government provided 3,099 tons of yellow corn humanitarian emergency food aid to Zambia. If China and Africa work together to deal with crises including food security, they will be able to cope with various risks and challenges in this century.

Second, this project is only one of the three factories of the Zambia-aided corn flour processing plant project. There are also two corn flour processing plants with a daily processing capacity of 240 tons each in Monze and Mpika. The project will increase Zambia’s food supply, stabilize food prices, improve the localized processing capabilities of agricultural products and the added value of agricultural products, create more jobs, increase people’s income, and ultimately promote Zambia’s agricultural and economic development and promote China-Zambia friendship.

In recent years, China's agricultural demonstration center in Zambia has cultivated a total of 10 new crop varieties in the local area, promoted high-yield demonstration planting technologies for nearly 700 hectares of food crops, provided technical consulting services to 5,000 people, and conducted 57 agricultural technology training sessions for more than 2,000 people.

It is reported that Zambia will seek to cooperate with more Chinese corn processing manufacturers. WINTONE is also among the partners for this cooperation because of its rich experience in the corn processing industry. China will always be Zambia's sincere friend and reliable partner.

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