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What should you pay attention to when comparing different corn processing equipment manufacturers?

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As the development of the corn planting industry accelerates, the development trend of corn processing equipment has become stronger. The development of equipment not only promotes the development of my country's agricultural economy, but also helps adjust the structural development of the corn processing industry. In order to promote the healthy development of the corn processing industry, the scale of corn development should be controlled on the premise of ensuring national food security goals.

First of all, the corn processing equipment manufacturer analyzed that the machinery uses the principle of planetary rotation to process raw materials. The input and output are designed to be on one axis and connected to the motor. Its gearing parts are made of cast iron and bearing steel. , compact in composition, more stable in operation, with the advantages of low noise, fewer problems, and long life. When comparing such machines, personnel can consider these aspects for component analysis to ensure the quality of the machine.

corn processing equipment manufacturers

In addition, the bearings and gearboxes of better-quality corn processing equipment should be far away from the valve body to prevent the influence of high temperature and impurities, and the front and rear covers need to have better sealing effects to avoid dust leakage. Its air closer overload function is great, it is more suitable for frequent starts and reverse rotation, and the processing efficiency of the whole machine will be higher.

In short, when choosing corn flour processing equipment, everyone hopes to choose a machine with good performance, low power, good finished product quality, easy operation, high output and low power consumption. When purchasing, try to buy from regular manufacturers. A good machine can complete cleaning, peeling, crushing, grading, selection, packaging and other processes in one go. The finished product will have uniform particles and a brighter color.

Large-scale corn processing equipment has a large power, so it can handle a large amount. It is mainly used for collective processing after a large amount of corn picking. The process method it uses when peeling corn is a relatively and commonly used method at present - the all-dry method, which can quickly and accurately produce various parts of corn with different requirements, such as corn grits and corn husks.

In addition, when the equipment is running, corn processing equipment will be operated more frequently, such as the feeding mechanism and rolling distance adjustment mechanism. Before starting the corn processing equipment, it is necessary to check whether the grinding roller rotates flexibly, whether the tension of the transmission belt is appropriate, whether there is foreign matter between the two rollers, whether the outlet is smooth, whether the air pressure meets the requirements, whether there is lubricating oil in the oil cup, etc.

Corn processing equipment must be started with the rollers withdrawn, and there should be no abnormal vibration or noise after starting. Generally, the first material is ground first; for subsequent mills, equipment using automatic feeding control will automatically feed the roller according to the incoming material situation, while manually adjusted equipment should wait until there is a certain accumulation of material in the feeding barrel before feeding the roller. .

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