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FDMW Horizontal Wheat Scourer

FDMW Horizontal Wheat Scourer

Application:Removing impurities such as earth, dust, and sand in grain

Capacity:0.2-0.3t/h, 0.4-0.5t/h, 0.6-0.7t/h

The scourer improves the hygiene of grain during processing by removing impurities such as earth, dust, and sand. It is mainly used in the first and second cleaning sections to treat the surface of wheat, durum and rye.


  • Super Scouring Result

    Our wheat scourer is able to deliver desired scouring performance to let the final products achieve the best sanitary conditions. This is mainly divided into three aspects.

  • High Throughput with Little Space

    This horizontal wheat scourer adopts a space-saving design, and it can be installed in an existing factory easily. Meanwhile, our product is characterized by high processing capacity, and the throughput of FDMW40×150×2 could reach up to 20t/h.

  • Versatile Applications

    Our product is not only applicable for wheat, but also fits for oats if equipped with proper rotor and screen jacket.

  • Compact structure

    Compact structure and well suited for integration into existing plants.


  • FDMW Horizontal Wheat Scourer
  • FDMW Horizontal Wheat Scourer
  • FDMW Horizontal Wheat Scourer



      Model                    Power(kW) Capacity(t/h) Weight(kg) Dimension(mm)
Moderate Beating Intensive Beating
FDMW30x60 4 5.5 2-4 450 1270x400x1210
FDMW40x100 5.5 7.5 4-7 710 2130x920x1700
FDMW40x150 7.5 11 7-10 750 2630x920x1700
FDMW40x100x2 5.5x2 7.5x2 8-14 1200 2130x1490x1700
FDMW40x150x3 7.5x2 11x2 14-20 1500 2630x1490x1700

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