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FMFQ Series Roller Mill

FMFQ Series Roller Mill

Application:Flour Milling



  Our FMFQ Series roller mill allows a consistent and high-quality grinding of wheat, buckwheat, durum, corn, rye, barley, spelt, millet and other grain.

  We do not just sell roller mills. We also researched thoroughly the milling process to help you design and set up mills, If you need support, we are willing to help you start milling business.


  Independent bearing beam design, smooth operation, with low vibration, low noise automatic control system, according to the number of materials automatically open and close grinding roller bite, increase the service life of the machine.

  The grinding roller is made of Mo Ni Cr alloy with advanced manufacturing technology, uniform hardness, strong wear resistance and long service life. Each roll adopts 18mm-25mm alloy layer thickness for dynamic balance test to ensure the stability of use.

  In addition, the mill uses frequency conversion technology, high integration, digital display, convenient automatic control, automatic monitoring feed, feed, roll speed ratio.

  This machine can be operated by PLC control system and mobile phone app to check the production progress at a glance.


  • Full automatic pneumatic control

    Pneumatic control, automatic, pulse signal, servo feeding, grinding roller flat and with damping beam constitute an independent stress self-supporting mechanism.

  • Low noise and no pollution.

    The tooth wedge belt transmission between the fast and slow rollers can prevent the tooth wedge belt from deviation and reduce the noise.

  • Imported pneumatic components

    All products are imported from Taiwan Yadeke. The surface of the parts is treated with pure manganese black phosphating. The standard parts are of high strength grade.

  • It is convenient to adjust the rolling distance

    The adjustment of rolling distance is flexible, light and reliable, and the digital display of ammeter is intuitive.


  • FMFQ Series Roller Mill
  • FMFQ Series Roller Mill
  • FMFQ Series Roller Mill


  Type Production
1 FMFQ250-600 30 2400 7.5 1450*1330*1400
2 FMFQ250-800 40 2800 11 1450*1330*1600
3 FMFQ250-1000 50 3100 15 1450*1330*1850
4 FMFQ250-1250 60 3450 18.5 1450*1330*2050
Program Model:FMFQ 250-500,600,800,1000,1250
Diameter of roller(mm) 250/500,250/600,250/800,250/1000,250/1250
Speed(r/min) 300-500
Speed ratio of fast and slow rolls(mm) 1:2.5,1:2,1:1.25
Diameter of rubber roller on raw material(mm) 75
Grasping speed of raw material sealing roller(Mpa) 30-660

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