DTP30×2 Soybean Peeling Machine(6-8ton/hour)

 1. low energy consumption, high efficiency, energy saving, small covered area;

 2. diesel engines can also be configured as power transmission;

 3. Low broken rate and 95% high peeling rate.




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DTP30×2 soybean peeling machine with large capacity 

Product introduction:

DTP30×2 Soybean peeling machine is a large capacity soybean peeling machine specially developed by China Win Tone Machinery, which is designed based on the unique structural characteristics of soybean and pea.


Product Applications:

It is mainly used for peeling and separation of soybeans and peas, and is widely used in various soybean products factories: such as soy milk manufacturers, yuba manufacturers, tofu manufacturers. It is a raw food hygiene for soybean products manufacturers and reduces food pollution.


Features and Functions:

1. This series of soybean peeling machine is an automatic large peeling machine, which has little damage to broken soybean kernels and high finished product rate;

2. Humanization, in some power-lack areas, diesel engines can also be configured as power transmission;

3. The finished product is good, the size ratio can be adjusted according to customer needs, and it is a good helper for soybean processing;

4. With low energy consumption, high efficiency, energy saving, small footprint, tt is the standard product on the complete production line; 


Technical Parameter:









Spindle Speed(r/min)











soybean peeling machinesoybean peeling machine


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