Parboiled Rice Processing Project

Parboiled rice processing process:

Paddy →cleaning & grading→soaking→steaming→drying & cooling→husking and milling→polishing→-color sorting→packing→parboiled rice

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  Product Description:

  Parboiled rice is a wet heat treatment method. The cleaned grains are first soaked and then steamed, and then the rice is milled after drying, so that the nutrients remaining in the rice bran layer are transferred to the inside of the rice grains.

  Parboiled rice mill includes a barn, connecting said, metering hoist, soaking tank, cooking pot, vibration sieve, drying tower, hot water tank, and is connected with the two soaking tank of its characteristics, which also includes a soaking tank above the top of the tank and two soaking connected rice pre heating in the pot, cooking pot with a vibrating screen between the hopper and the soaking tank is communicated with the vacuum system and pressure system, a drying tower at the top of the dust removal system.

  Parboiling Section Features:

  This project reduces the energy consumption, the decrease of parboiled rice processing equipment the damage on the human body and air pollution, increase the output in unit time and produced parboiled rice drying, at the same time, can produce different shades and parboiled rice varieties, to meet the needs of different consumers.

  Working Process:

  Paddy →cleaning & grading→soaking→steaming→drying & cooling→husking and milling→polishing→-color sorting→packing→parboiled rice

  1.Paddy cleaning and grading:

  To obtain good parboiled rice must be graded according to size and density of the rice, lightweight fractionated rice for processing of ordinary rice or used as feed, full of uniform particle size for good processing quality of parboiled rice.

  2 Soaking section:

  The purpose is to allow the rice to fully absorb water, the absorption of water must reach more than 30%. Create necessary conditions for after cooking and processing of starch gelatinization, according to rice and quality of different soaking temperature adjustment for 55 to 70 degrees, the soaking time is 3.5 ~ 4.5 hours.

  3. Steaming, drying and cooling section

  A certain temperature and pressure of water vapor to the rice is heated, so that starch gelatinization. And then make the steamed rice dry and cool. The operation of steam parboiled products quality, color and taste have great influence, the increase of grain strength, improve rice yield, and change the storage characteristics of rice. Through the adjustment of technology of cooking, can produce color light, dark, dark parboiled rice.

  4. Complete rice processing line

  After parboiling, the paddy will be processed as usual. This section includes paddy husking, milling, polishing, grading, color sorting and packing.

  Main equipment:

  1. TZQY-QSY series combined cleaning screen

  2. MMJM series white rice grading sieve

  3. MJXT rice selection machine

  4. Rice soaking equipment

  5. Steaming machine

  6. Dry fluidized bed

  7. MLGT25 rice hulling machine

  8. MGCZ Series Rough Separation Screen

  9. Rice Mill

  10. MJP series white rice grading sieve

  11. MPG series polishing machine

  12. Intelligent color sorter

  13. DCS electronic quantitative scale

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