NZJ-15C Combined Millet Processing Unit

NZ15 series of complete set of millet processing machine is the special equipment for grain processing, especially for millet and rice. 

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  NZJ-15C Combined Millet Processing Unit is the special equipment for grain processing, especially for millet and rice. This millet processing machine contained the stoner cleaning machine, millet dehusker, millet dehuller and polisher, paddy separator, , millet classifier, automatic lifting machine, automatic control. It is a kind of high efficient and multifunctional millet processing equipment.

  Here are some main machines in millet processing:

  1. Pre Cleaner(Destoner cum Grader cum Aspirator)

  This is the first step in Millet Processing. This machine is used for removing stones, sand, impurities, dust particles from millets and grade them in order to prepare for dehulling. Prior to dehulling, cleaning is mandatory. If no cleaning, dehulling efficiency will be affected.

  2. Millet Dehusker (Major Millet Husker / Minor Millet Hull Softner) 

  This machine is used for removing the husk of major millets like Finger Millet, Pearl Millet and Sorghum (Millet Dehuller is not required for these grains). This machine is also used for certain minor millets like Kodo, Proso, Barnyard and Browntop Millets which needs softening of the shell before been processed in Millet Dehuller.

  3. Iron Roller Millet Dehuller and Polisher (Minor Millet Huller)

  It is used for dehulling Foxtail, Little, Kodo, Proso, Barnyard and Browntop Millet. The output of this machine is polished millet rice. This iron roller millet dehuller and polisher can be used individually.

  4. Separator after Hulling (Destoner cum Grader cum Aspirator)

  The dehulled grain contains Millet Rice, some Broken Rice, minimal amount of husk and minute powder. In order to separate the whole millet from other forms of mixtures, this machine is used. An Aspirator and a Grader in addition to the Destoner is used for this purpose.

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