1Ton/Hour Precooked Corn Flour Production Line

Finished Products: Precooked corn flour, corn bran

Application: Corn processing industry

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 Pre-cooked corn flour can meet people's convenience for instant fast food. Corn steamed and cooked flour are popular in South America. Win Tone Machinery has designed and built several such processing lines in recent years. Welcome your inquiry!


1. Cleaning section technique flow for precooked corn flour production line:

  Bucket elevator — Maize cleaner — Moisture damper (stainless steel)– damper bin — Screw conveyor –Magnetic separator– Degerminator — Gravity grade sifter — blower

2. Flaking section technique flow for precooked corn flour production line:

  Storage bin – steam bin –multi-layer cooling box- flaking mill – hammer mill– single sifter

3. Milling section technique flow for precooked corn flour production line:

  Hammer mill– double sifter- roller mill – sifter machine– flour bin – packing

Project description:

Here we take the 1Ton/Hour Precooked Corn Flour Production Line in Colombia as an example to introduce the whole line:

  A: Capacity: input maize 30T/24H

  Design according to Client’s corn and maize flour request, remove the germ and bran for animal feed, and grinding the endosperm into maize flour for human consumption.

  B:The general plan layout:

  Workshop for the steel structure warehouse building, 30m length, 8 meters width, covers an area of 240square meters, including maize cleaning part, moisture damper and degerminating part, and maize milling part and packaging part.

  C: Main processing equipment:

  It includes the whole processing system of maize cleaning part, moisture damper and degerminating machine, steamer, flaking mill, hammer mill, maize milling machine, packaging machine and waste treatment and dust removal.

  I. Cleaning section

  Cleaning section is in preparation for the subsequent processing section, this section set up 1 set efficient vibrating sifter, 1set de-stonner, 1 set magnetic separation. The high efficient vibrating sifter can remove the big and small impurities in the raw grain, the de-stonner remove the clods, stones and other heavy impurity, magnetic separation remove the nails, screws and other magnetic impurities, then cleaned grain will be transported to next section.

  II. Peeling and polishing section

  Peeling polishing process to take "water conditioning, twice iron roller" process, the corn after cleaning into water conditioning machine, and stay in tempering silo 10-20 min, after tempered will be peeled and polished by two iron roll machine to remove corn skin and germ, each peeling and polishing machine set suction device to separate bran out off material,then pure corn endosperm into grading sifter,unpeeled corn will be graded out and returned to peeling and polishing machine. Peeled endosperm particles after vertical suction duct into the next process. The corn bran through the air transport system with the heat exchanger, dry to safe moisture then be packaged directly.

  III. Tempering and cooking section

  The endosperm granules after peeled and polished are transported to the dampener by the elevator, and then enter the tempering silo. The materials after tempered into the kitchen system and cooked with steam.

  IV. Flaking and Drying Section

  The cooked material enters the flake machine to get corn flakes, the corn flakes enter the dyrer and cooler machine for drying and cooling, and the cooled dry corn flakes enter the subsequent milling section.

  V.Flour milling and packaging section

  Corn flakes enter into the flour milling section. In this section, there are five sets of roller mill, a six-bin high square plansifter and one safety sifter. The double-bin sifter be set bran sieve to separate the micro skin.The finished corn flour is collected by flour screw conveyor, and a micro-adding machine is set in the middle to add nutritional elements. Then corn flour enters into the finished flour silo and is packaged by quantitative packaging machine. The by-products are collected by bran screw conveyor and packaged by manual packaging cabinet.

  VI.Transport section

  Mechanical Conveying:The raw grain and grain materials adopt the vertical conveyor, and the leather hybrid is composed of horizontal conveying, self-flow tube and material flow controller.

  Mechanical conveying equipment, the material is cold rolled steel plate, blade thickness 2-5mm. Bucket elevator plate with strong abrasion resistance, four layers of sail wire and above material, dust bucket material for polyurethane engineering plastics.

  Pneumatic Conveying:The powder materials are composed of high pressure fan, air duct, pulse dust catcher, windpipe, chain coupling, feeding tube and inductive feeder. Choose TY series high pressure fan, the material strong negative pressure wind suction through the cyclone discharge, the wind power of the driving mechanism to achieve the wind transport purpose and no dust, keep workshop clean.

  VII. Dedusting System

  This project adopts one groups of high, medium and low pressure dedusting network, 2 units for cleaning section, 1 unit for suspension screen, 2 units for high-pressure dedusting, all the dedusting parts be constituted by pulse dust collector, air lock, air volume control valve.

  VIII. Electrical control system

  Electrical control design shall be carried out in accordance with the principles of safety, utility and reliability. The electrical control shall adopt conventional control, and national standards electrical components.

  All operations are carried out on the operation panel of the control cabinet. The combination of the switch control buttons (with lights) indicator lights shall correctly reflect the operation status of the whole set of equipment.

  Voltmeter and ammeter shall be installed on the control cabinet. Air switch and thermal relay shall be set in the control cabinet to protect faults such as short circuit and overload.

  Set "emergency stop" button on the control panel to shut down all devices in case of emergency to ensure safety.


  1、 Electricity:220V&380V、50Hz(or by buyer);

  2、 Water:Public tap water (to meet drinking water standards), the average flow rate can meet production and living needs;

  3、Main design indicators:

        3.1 Production capacity:  1 ton corn/ hour;

        3.2 Production line footprint: length × width × height = 24m×6m×11m; equipment using steel frame structure; Raw material & finished product storage area user-defined.

        3.3 installed capacity: production line cleaning section, peeling°erming section, milling section, several processes total N = 63.45kw;

        3.4 Workshop environment: The air dust concentration in the workshop is ≤10mg/m3. and the outdoor air dust concentration is ≤150mg/m3.

  4. Products and output rate (out rate according to the quality of the original grain, the rate of output has a certain fluctuation with the original grain)

        1) Corn cooked powder output rate: 75-80%;

        2) skin miscellaneous rate: 20-25%;

  Our 240TPD Precooked Corn Flour Production Line in Venezue

precooked corn flour production line

precooked corn flour machine.jpg

precooked corn flour machine.jpg

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