YMHLN Series of Corn Peeler and Polisher Machine

This is WinTone's upgrading corn peeling and polishing machine. 

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  This is WinTone's upgrading corn peeling and polishing machine.

  YMHLN series of corn peeler and polisher machine is applied for corn hulling, de germinating and polishing, it is especially useful on a small, homestead or small community scale. It also can be used in wheat peeling, sorghum peeling, paddy peeling and polishing.

  Working Principle:

  Corn are send into hulling chamber and moves along the main axis driven by the spiral thruster. The pressure door presses and the crimped roller rotates to rub and hull. Meanwhile, the high-pressure blower spray air into hulling chamber through roller gap to further polish the particles and take heat away. Big bran goes into separation chamber through the sieve. Fine brans are discharged by suction blower and collected by collector.  Clean broken corn is collected at kernel out let.

  Features and Advantages:

  YMHLN series of corn peeler and polisher machine can remove corn skin, impurities and corn germs effectively and make the corn surface smooth and bright.

  Internally installed efficient winnowing and dust removing blower.

  The discharging port of the peeling chamber can accurately control corn or wheat staying time in the peeling chamber by pressure valve and ensure the effective friction with alloy roller so as to realize better peeling effect.

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