Maize Starch Production Plant

Maize is one of the most crops in the world, the main raw material to manufacture starch. During maize starch production, the byproducts include 12.5% maize fiber, 5.5% protein powder, 12% concentrated maize sluury, 6% maize germ. Furthermore, maize starch can be produced into dextrin, modified starch, starch syrup, alcohol, lactid acid and aginomoto.

The maize starch production plant uses advanced and mature wet grinding technology and closed-loop production flow, producing starch with low impurities and high quality, which is the indispensable material in food, medicine, textile, paper and chemical industries.
Main Technical Index
Capacity: 5000-30000ton/300days;
Water consumption: 7.2ton per ton starch;
Power consumption: 180kwh per ton starch;

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