Operation Principles and Cautions of Corn Flour Mill

                    As the scientific technology develops, many new machines turn up. Let us talk about principles and cautions of CORN FLOUR MILL.
Corn flour mill is a multifunctional small grinder for corn and bean, suitable for grain, feed processing industries. Different specifications of sieve plates make the corn flour mill process materials with different fineness.
The corn flour milling machine is mainly composed of charging hopper, rotor, tooth plate, sieve, machine shell, base and motor. When the grain goes into flour milling chamber, the tooth plate knocks to grind the corn into fine flour which is discharged out of the outlet under centrifugal and air force.
Cautions of corn flour milling machine
1.When you use the corn flour mill, check tightness of all the parts regularly to prevent looseness.
2.Every oil hole should be added with grease regularly; clean the bearing every half a year and add lubricant.
3.Run the corn flour milling machine without load before stopping the machine to blow out the left grain.
4.When stop the corn flour mill, add lubricant to all the parts and keep the machine in dry storage.

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