Purpose of Corn Peeling Machine and Peeling Methods

Corn can be made into different kinds of products such as corn flour, corn oil. First, it needs to be peeled. Many people are not quite familiar with CORN PEELING MACHINE. Following are some knowledge of corn peeling machine.

What is the purpose for corn peeling machine?
1.The corn germ and endosperm is enclosed by bran. The germ is easy to be separated from the endosperm after corn peeling machine.
2.After peeling the corn particles, the finished products will contain fewer husks, increasing quality of the products.
3.The corn peeling machine increases purity of the products as the it removes polluted bran after peeling.
4.The corn peeling machine improves corn flour quality.
Corn peeling process includes wet and dry methods.
Dry peeling means the corn directly goes to the corn peeling machine without moisture adjustment section after cleaning, which is suitable for high moisture content corn.
Wet peeling needs moisture adjustment, which is quite popular in corn processing, particularly for low moisture content corn.

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