How to Make Precise Maize Flour by Maize Processing Machinery

maize processing machinery.jpg            The MAIZE PROCESSING MACHINERY should remove impurities in the raw maize, leaving quality material without mildew, worm damaged and odorous cobs. The pure maize is poured into a big shallow basin and manually selected. The pure particles contain no more than 3% impurities.
Wash the particles repeatedly in avoidance of exceeding scrubbing to prevent them from loss of starch. The impurities should be removed in time during this process till the water appear transparent. Then you put the clean maize into a shallow container and sun it until the surface is dry.
Then maize processing machinery conveyed the material to the dryer and keep them there for 7-8min under 110℃. The dried particles are not loose and scorched. The grinder is used to mill the maize. The maize flour is at 60-200 mesh with 20% moisture. Flour under 100 mesh is suitable for maize porridge; super fine flour over 200 mesh can be applied to enfants; the most common flour is at 120-150mesh which can be made into silk noodles,crust and instant noodles.

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